TEZA is a company oriented to the latest technologies and means for lifelong learning, especially in the youth field. They are constantly expanding the palette of services offered in the field of education, professional development and management of the organizational talent.

TEZA's activity is focused in the field of traditional and electronic educational services and technologies. TEZA constantly improves the quality of the offered products and services. In 2006, they created a fully equipped computer training center, and in 2007 they received ISO 9001:2000 certification for performance of services in the field of professional trainings and supply and installation of specialized applications that TEZA maintains and improves successfully to this day. During the last five years the organisation has built a capacity to work on large and complex projects in the field of the specialized and professional trainings for private and public organizations. 

TEZA's team believes that learning is an integral process that is part of the successful career of each young person. That's why they provide a complete service that helps young people to develop their skills and that includes assistance related to the analysis of the needs for training, for creating training programs and courses, planning, delivery and management of training, as well as assessment of the final results and efficiency analysis.

TEZA’s main goal is to develop highly effective approach to youth for the purpose of providing job opportunities to youngsters, through trainings to increase their personal and professionals’ skills.

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