Social Innovation Centre

Social Innovation Centre


Social innovation centre (SIC) has been established in 2010 as non-governmental organisation. There are five volunteers - professionals co-working to facilitate positive social change at national and international and three permanent employees.  During 7 years, more as 5300 learners, have been reached by different non-formal seminars and workshops and even more by created online educational materials.

SIC is dedicated to solve social challenges, raise social innovation knowledge and social welfare in Latvia as well as facilitate and promote the best practices, knowledge and gained experience at the international level.

There are 4 main areas SIC concentrates on: 1) promotion of social entrepreneurship; 2) different solutions to overcome youth unemployment; 3) society challenges (e.g. people with special needs, migration, ethnic minorities); 4) civic engagement.

SIC provides non-formal learning about social innovation, social entrepreneurship, political processes, and policy formation for disadvantaged society groups, integration and increase of society participation in social and political processes.  The main goal is to promote the idea and movement of social innovation and entrepreneurship as strategic tool for sustainable development.

SIC tasks  in most of the cases are project based, hence the project cycle management (PCM) approach is used.

The specific areas of key personnel: innovation, society challenges, youth, disadvantaged groups, social entrepreneurship, inclusion, minority issues, gamification, ICT and web solutions.

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