Project Objectives

The results acquired in the project can be divided in several categories: - Intellectual outputs/deliverables- methodologies, studies and educational instruments based on gamification strategies - Training courses- educational outputs – two training courses (one for youth workers and one for young people- testing the IOs).

Project Objectives

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Main Aim

The general aim of the project is to develop gamification non-formal education methodologies and instruments for young people aged 18-23.

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Objective 1

 Creation of 5 new instruments and methodologies using gamification to be tested by 25 youth workers in their activities with 100 young people over the course of a two-year period.

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Objective 2

Improving professional skills of 25 youth workers by the participation in the creation of gamification educational methodologies and by testing them with 100 young people throughout the project period.

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Objective 3

Testing transversal educational impact of the methodologies developed in the project in 5 formal education contexts (university modules in Romania and Greece and schools in Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria).


 This project is very well connected with priorities listed in the guide and the national call for project. We cover through this project most of the national call priorities related to strategic partnerships: involving in the project local/regional authorities and socio-economic actors (the project is based on a wide partnership reinforcing the core consortium), creating transferable and sustainable projects (methods and tools developed in this project can be used in any European context by any non-formal/formal education provider but also by vocational training institutions and also social-economic actors).

Project Objectives
Gamification methodologies
Transversal education
Instruments using gamification
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Youth workers
Educational methods
Training young people
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