IO5 – Manual for Youth Workers – How to Use Gamification Methods in Youth Work and Other Educational Experiences

The manual will be based on a research undertaken by 10 researchers of the 5 partner organizations, and will focus on the results obtained (board game, card game, application, online test), but also on collecting successful experiences of using gamification in projects performed by the consortium and associated partners in the past.

The manual will comprise of 5 chapters as follows:

  1. Scaffolding: Is the application of tailored support to move the learner from their current level of learning to the next. It gives hints or clues exactly when the learner needs them and removes prompts as the learner progresses through the course.
  2. Self-Determination Theory: Learners are motivated by psychological needs of competence, autonomy, and social relatedness through both external and internal factors. The theory of selfdetermination has 3 core elements: competence, autonomy and psychological relatedness.
  3. Distributed Content Delivery: Learners have better recall if learning content and tests are spaced out over time.

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