IO4 – Web&Mobile App – Learning Experience

From a technical point of view, IO4 will be a software developed based on customer requirements. It will be browser-based software and its mobile application (Android & IOs). Access to the application (both on the computer and on the phone) will be made with a free account that each user will need to create. Every interested person will create his / her account free of charge using the email address and phone number. There will be two types of users, simple user or group leader, each with different permission settings. A group leader can create groups to manage and a simple user can join any of the groups it wants.

The group leader validates the fulfillment of a mission and assigns merit badges. Merit badges granted to a user go directly into his public portfolio. Using the search bar, you can enter a user’s email address to get to his avatar (profile). Here you can see what badges the person has accumulated and the moment when it happened.

Impact We want this platform and application to create a connection between group management, educational (formal, non-formal) and merit recognition systems. Thus, through groups, the group leader creates a community where participants (regardless of social, economic status, etc.) start at the same level, with the same chances.

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