IO3 – Card Game – Learning Experience

The card game will be a less elaborated version of the Board Game, with certain specific features. It will contain the following items: playing cards, resource cards, event cards, extra mission cards. The main missions ( the strategic development directions from the beginning of the game) will no longer exist (the particularity as compared to the board game). By contrast, each team will have the same mission: to increase the population of the fictitious city that it represents/stands for. When population grows the teams accumulate population cards.

Each organized event draws a different number of new residents in the city of a team. An event is organized using resources. Resources are offered randomly by pulling out one resource card at the beginning of each player’s turn. Minimum 4 teams, maximum 8 teams. Teams of minimum 1 person, maximum 2 people. There will be no dice, no play board.

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